FEB 2016

Jeep's 'Portraits' Wins Super Clio

Super Bowl spot from Iris Worldwide, Cutting Room + Light of Day takes home top prize awarded by agency heads

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JAN 2016

Kevin Spacey For E*Trade

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FEB 2015

"Band of Brands" Super Bowl Mega-Ad

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Mar 2015

Sydney Dance Company


Design Director Nick Freeman was featured designer on stylized advertisement for a new production by the Sydney Dance Company in his native Australia. Nick says, “The client had a specific aesthetic in mind, that was to match the typographic linework of the stills campaign. Moody lighting, shadows and dancers, move through a scene in interplay with graphic beams.”


FEB 2013

Yeah, That Kinda Rich: NY Lottery

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SEPT 2015

David Krakauer's 'The Big Picture' to tour the US and Europe

Light of Day was thrilled to be part of a beautiful and inspired multimedia project conceived by Grammy Award-nominated clarinetist David Krakauer.  Through the re-imagined music of classic film scores, Krakauer explores Jewish-American heritage and his own story as an assimilated Jewish American.  Light of Day produced 12 animated short films to play in tandem with the live music during performance, highlighting memorable visual elements of each film, including “Cabaret,” “Fiddler on the Roof,” and “Life is Beautiful.”

The filmmaking of Woody Allen is featured in two of the shorts, including “Midnight in Paris:”

and “Radio Days,”  which can be viewed on our design page here.

“The Big Picture” embarks on a fall/winter tour this October, starting off in NYC at the Museum of Jewish Heritage and traveling through Europe through early 2016.

For more information about “The Big Picture” and the entire experience, visit David Karakauer’s website.